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黎明基督教学院(DCA)认为,学生应该尊重主,同时通过计算机知识和技能的收购推进他们的教育. 因此, 在使用计算机设备时,每个学生都要按照圣经的标准承担自治的责任. 使用电子设备是一种特权, not a right; thus, the student who uses the computer inappropriately will incur consequences.

DCA believes that home use of technology is to be governed by the parents, 但是,当学生掌控学校的时候, 根据CIPA的授权,DCA保留管理在学校场地或学校功能中使用的任何和所有技术的权利, 《儿童互联网保护法. 为此目的, DCA将通过各种手段监控校园和学校内所有设备的使用情况,包括但不限于:过滤软件, 防火墙, 随机筛选, 还有其他方法.


In the interest of developing a relevant technology program DCA has enacted a 1:1 Google Chromebook Policy. 这项政策是为K-12*年级的学生提供的特权,他们在学校表现良好,并签署了可接受使用政策(AUP)。. 为此目的, specific rules have been established for personal devices in use on school grounds or at school functions. 请参阅Chromebook策略.

Students in Grades K-7 are assigned their own individual Chromebook to use while here at school. 这些年级的chromebook存放在学校的充电车或充电站上,预计每天都要归还. Chromebook usage in these grades is initiated by direct instruction from teachers. Students in grades 8-12 are issued their own Chromebook which should be brought home with them daily. 8-12年级的学生应该在家里给他们的Chromebook充电,每天早上带着充满电的Chromebook去上学. (*视情况而定)


根据我们自己的程序和政策以及CIPA和COPPA(儿童在线隐私保护法),DCA只会向外部服务提供商提供每个学生的有限个人身份信息,以促进他或她的教育. 请在这张表格下面签名, DCA被授权创建那些被认为对学生的教育过程有帮助的账户. 所有活期帐户的完整清单可根据要求提供,以及每个帐户服务的说明.


任何种类的移动设备,包括但不限于, 手机, “智能”设备(如手表), 眼镜, 环, 等), 热点, 相机, 笔记本电脑, 上网本, ipod或mp3播放器, 平板电脑和掌上电脑, must be turned off and are not allowed to be on any student’s person du环 the hours of 7:50 a.m. 到下午3点.m.

All students must utilize the DCA student network and devices provided for students. 使用其他无线网络或移动网络(3g/4g/5g数据计划)或个人设备(未经事先行政批准)将构成违反AUP, 请参阅下面的后果部分. 学生在学校期间不得尝试连接任何教职员工网络或任何其他网络,除了每个分配的Chromebook上预先配置的为学生指定的网络. Students in grades 8-12 may use the device on their home wireless network with their parent’s permission.

尽管学校为每个学生提供了一个设备, 教师仍然支配着技术的使用. 因此, students must receive permission from their instructor or supervising staff person to use any device. 这是每个使用实例的要求.

DCA希望下载和随后安装的软件在本质上是合法的,并受到学生家长的监督. DCA保留审查安装在任何设备上的软件并从学生设备中删除不适当内容和程序的权利.

在任何时间点, 老师可以向学生提出要求, 他或她的设备, at which point any teacher may evaluate open documents and programs for adherence to this policy. 在任何时间点, 管理员可以向学生提出要求, 他或她的个人设备, at which point an administrator may evaluate all contents of the device even if not open.


Students are expected to maintain a cyber-presence which reflects a Christian witness. 任何形式的网络欺凌, 无论是在学校还是在外面, 无论是在学校设备上还是在个人设备上, will not be tolerated and evidence thereof will be considered the breaking of the AUP. If you are a victim of Cyber-Bullying or observe it being done to someone else, you should report that situation to your teacher/principal immediately. 在学校网络和学校设备上执行的活动由学校监控和发现. 这包括电子邮件, 网络历史记录, 搜索, 存储在谷歌驱动器中的内容, as well as the contents of what is typed into programs on the Chromebook.


在上学期间, 学生不得访问以下内容:游戏, 社交媒体, 发短信的软件, Blogs (with exclusions set by administration or teachers on a case by case basis), instant messaging and any other program type defined by any teacher or administrator. Just because a site is not filtered does not mean it is acceptable to access du环 a school day. 这里有一点非常明确:在学校用Chromebook玩游戏将导致本政策所述的渐进式后果.

Students may not check any personal email accounts du环 the school day. An account is provided for students for their use in classroom and coursework activities (grades 6-12).
Students must limit the use of the given email address to school-related activities. All coursework and correspondence with DCA Staff must be done via the school-provided email account. 从dca提供的电子邮件帐户发送的任何和所有电子邮件的内容可由管理部门酌情审查. 家长可以根据要求访问学生账户.


学生不得规避, 逆向工程, 黑客, 否则就会损害学校过滤方法的完整性, 技术基础设施(网络), 服务器, 等)或其他学生帐户/设备. 这些项目将包括在上述声明中, 严禁使用代理服务器或VPN服务.

学生不得进入, 改变, 或复制任何其他人的个人档案,因为这是违反DCA抄袭规则以及联邦法律.

Students may not share their password information with anyone other than their parents/guardians.

Students should not log in as or digitally impersonate any other student or staff member.

学生不得安装, modify or remove any software installed by the school without permission and direction therefrom.

Students must not have food or drink at any computer area or on any surface upon which a device rests.

学生有责任妥善保存自己的作业. 为此目的, 签署AUP协议的学生将获得一个电子邮件帐户和谷歌Drive帐户来存储他们的工作和文件. 不要将您的工作保存在设备上,因为如果设备发生故障,这些数据将无法备份或恢复.


学生应以关怀和尊重的态度对待DCA的财产. Students should not use their Chromebooks as folders for their papers as this causes damage to the device.

Students are expected to maintain a high level of awareness when choosing to download files to their device. The downloading of illegal or illicit materials will be considered a violation of the AUP.


行政机关可以自行决定对录音内容进行随机或定期搜查. 未经教师和学校行政部门的明确许可,任何经批准的录音不得共享.

未经校方书面许可,学生不得使用任何相机或录像设备. 这包括网络摄像头设备.


DCA保留对其网络、场地和活动的全部权力. 学生违反AUP所采取的任何行动的后果免除DCA作为一个实体的任何罪责. The full responsibilities for the misuse of technology are the student’s to bear.

Violation of any of these rules will result in appropriate disciplinary action. 给高年级学生的, DCA will operate on a three-strike policy for Electronic Device violations.

罢工1: Device will be confiscated by a staff member and given to the principal. Principal will return the device to the student at the end of the day and make a note in Renweb.

罢工2: Device will be confiscated by a staff member and given to the principal. Principal will only return the device to the parent who must come into school to retrieve it.

罢工3: 除罢工外,还有 & 2, a technology suspension may be instituted for a period of time to be determined by the principal. 在此期间, the student will not be able to use any school or personal electronic devices at school. 所有的数字工作将要么手工完成,要么离开学校.


Chromebook insurance is included with the cost of tuition for grades 6-12. 这份保险包括意外损坏、盗窃和故意破坏. Most causes of accidental breaks are covered including: water/liquid damage, 书包破损, 力量激增, 宠物的伤害, 落下又落下, 等. 我们使用外部保险公司来管理这些索赔,因此接受索赔最终由他们自行决定. 这里列出的可能原因并不全面. One item that is not covered is if the device is simply lost or misplaced. 学生有责任跟踪他们的Chromebook和充电器,并在年底完好无损地归还. 此外,它是
responsibility of the student to report accidents or issues with their Chromebook as soon as they happen. Failure to report accidents within a reasonable amount of time may result in the claim being denied. 事故和问题应直接报告给IT经理.

K-5年级的学生没有Chromebook保险, 然而, since their use of the device is much more limited and directly supervised, 任何事故的发生率在统计上都要低得多. 他们的chromebook发生的任何事故都是逐案处理的,只有在观察到故意忽视或破坏其他学生设备的情况下,家长才对损害负责.

学生有责任采取适当措施保护和爱护他们的个人技术设备以及分配给他们的设备. The school accepts no responsibility or liability for lost or stolen items. 储物柜的锁可根据校长的要求提供.


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